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Pride 12: Handheld Beginnings May17, 2005

     "Beam me up, Scotty!" Did you get the message I sent you?

       Sometimes, technology doesn't work.We tried to beam, but something didn't want to work with us. 

       We kept trying though! 

        TOP:  Math Magicians!BOTTOM: I think they were involved with the What's the Middle? activity below.

        TOP:Hey, that was fun!  BOTTOM: Busy little bee, doing her math.

        Intensity! I have to add the numbers on these two dice.


      When I told the students they would be able to use the handhelds, they didn't realize that work was involved. They had to learn how to use a stylus, find programs, and how to carefully touch the screen to choose items.  We played with a trial version of Math Amigo. It involves adding numbers on cubes, adding two digit numbers, finding the missing number in a 25 square, and even finding the mean of two numbers on a given number line.  Students were able to see how much time passed for them to complete the activity as well as see their average.  Boy, did they get excited!  Immediate feedback on their work, and they were even offered a tutorial if they missed an item in one activity.  Come back soon the see what's new and improved with our handhelds.
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Last Updated: 7/5/05
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