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Factor Pairs, Factoring, Products:

Factor Game Online

  • Play against the computer or another person in this game where you choose a number and your opponent chooses all the factors of that number.

Product Game Online

  • Play against a friend and try to be the first to get four squares in a row—vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Factoris Game Online

  • This Tetris-like game is going to grab your attention for a bit of time, so be prepared to sit and stay for awhile. You are shown a number and need to make an array for one of its factor pairs. That array is translated into a cube that is placed in your Tetris-like area. Complete a row(s) and it disappears. Enjoy!

Factorize Game Online

  • See a number and list all the factor pairs for it. Then choose a factor pair and "illustrate" it on the grid provided by an array.


Fraction Game Online

  • Get your game pieces across the fraction number lines with each flip of a card. How many moves does it take to win? See what your lowest card count will be.
Last Updated: 10/14/06
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